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We love coding

A team of highly experienced Indonesian programmers doing

Ruby on Rails outsourcing

and Android/ iOS mobile apps. We work with international startups. We develop your app from scratch, help you launch, maintain, iterate in a lean manner. And if you have the appetite for the huge Indonesian market, we can help you localize and launch in Indonesia.

Know why WE are different


With us, you are not buying only a developer skillset. What you get from us is a combination of experience and skills from us having been in business for 8+ years working on hundreds of projects from 25 countries in the world. We have worked on highly complex projects, huge datasets, high availability demanded apps.


You get the most reliability. We know what works and what doesn't, and our operating guidelines will ensure your project continuity, even if the programmers resign. You know exactly when we will work, what we worked on day to day basis. You can also feel safe with your Intellectual Property.


We know you need to iterate quickly. We will help you succeed for both your investors and customers. We can work long hours and weekends to make it happen.

Our Agency in numbers

Use Android device
Use apple products
Love football
Enjoy their work

It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

- Walt Disney -


these are the photos of some of our amazing & fun staff. we know fully well that in any relationship, offshore especially, trust is essential. we hope once you see our smiling face you recognize our goodwill. or at least you see the faces of the people you are dealing with.

Meet the people

Senior Developer
Senior Developer
Senior Developer
Senior Developer

Meet our customers

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[Your RoR Developer] continues to be a great asset. First of all I really enjoy working with him. He's a hard working dude and I appreciate that a lot. I like two things in particular about him. First, I love how thoughtful he is. He strikes a wonderful balance of understanding and action. Secondly, I love love love love how solid his code is. We have very few bugs in the code he commits and so far he has never broken code somewhere else. This means that all progress is forward progress.


United States

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[Our two engineers] both are 'animals'. Eating the jobs like crazy. They are so dedicated. I like the way they take responsibilities. They are result oriented, not time oriented. They can think like a client, not merely as a programmer. Kiranatama should be proud to have people like them. So far, I am delighted & very satisfied with the result.

Mas Agung Sachli


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We could share the work or even take it off [our Indian developers], I am very impressed with you guys, you pick up quick and deliver as promised, Indians are good but not good at keeping their word:)

Seldhi Rubakantha

United Kingdom

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Good, very happy. [Your RoR developer] is doing a great job - easy to communicate with, asks sensible questions, comes up with some good suggestions, happy to express his own point of view, going very well.

Bruce Greig

United Kingdom

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[We] praise the work that [you guys are] doing. I have had some experience with "offshore development" before, and yours are far the best experience



Person default a599e7390aff331d0326f8d60a8ee08ff9a5240fab340c1b94472aee82e683b5

I just wanted to let you know that we had a big review... and they're really pleased with the progress that we're making. We should showed them a lot of [you guys'] work and it went over very well. [You're] doing a great job.



Person default a599e7390aff331d0326f8d60a8ee08ff9a5240fab340c1b94472aee82e683b5

Both [your two Rails developers] are doing very well.... Compared to some of the contractors and development companies i have worked (especially RoR) you guys run a very professional and sound business.


United States

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[The CEO] is a sterling entrepreneur who has successfully built one of the best software development teams around. His knowledge and expertise in web-based software development is top-notch having gained experience from Silicon Valley. With his personal and hands-on style of working with his team, he has put together a highly competent team that is able to deliver high-quality work on-time and within budget.

Justin Lee


Thumb thiemo bubel gro

For the whole time we´ve been pleased to work with that kind of high-quality RoR developers kiranatama made available for us. The guys did a great job and made us forget being thousands of kilometers away from them by solving problems really fast and being accessible anytime.

Thiemo Bubel


Person default a599e7390aff331d0326f8d60a8ee08ff9a5240fab340c1b94472aee82e683b5

KT have managed to bridge the typical issues with an offshore team, with strong project management and communication practices.

David Anderson


Person default a599e7390aff331d0326f8d60a8ee08ff9a5240fab340c1b94472aee82e683b5

We are very pleased with working with KiranaTama. Professional work, nice people and good communication. I heartily reccomend this company to anyone needing assistance with their web sites. 


United Kingdom

Person default a599e7390aff331d0326f8d60a8ee08ff9a5240fab340c1b94472aee82e683b5

Here is my recommendation for your business. I wanted to take some of my time to tell every one, that KiranaTama is an exceptional company from top to bottom. The quality of work along with top notch communication are the two most impressive qualities that I noticed during the construction of my website. If you are looking for exceptional quality, price, and people, you should contact KiranaTama.

Chris Hayter

United States

Person default a599e7390aff331d0326f8d60a8ee08ff9a5240fab340c1b94472aee82e683b5

Thanks to KiranaTama, I'm being able to bootstrap hubbiz.com in a way that would be impossible to do with local talent. They helped me design and develop the project. The nights were short for a good reason, because they are in constant communication and always trying to make sure that everything goes on time and as I requested. I'm very happy with them and recommend.

Pablo Mello


Person default a599e7390aff331d0326f8d60a8ee08ff9a5240fab340c1b94472aee82e683b5

KiranaTama seamlessly transformed our dated and offline project management system into a much faster web/browser accessible application for less than a quarter of the price that other companies were asking.  Their staff was friendly and willing to hastily make any revisions I requested.

Brandon Hurley

United States

Person default a599e7390aff331d0326f8d60a8ee08ff9a5240fab340c1b94472aee82e683b5

It helps to have partners like KiranaTama who are always willing to help their clients. This gives me enough reason to always use KiranaTama to develop the website.

Themba Sihoksana

South Africa

Our Services

If you have an existing application that you want to maintain, upgrade, or cleanup, or if you need flexibility in developing an application from scratch, our team is the way to go
Ruby on Rails outsourcing
Ruby on Rails

KiranaTama's team of expert and skilled programmers are devoted to prepare and maintain amazing projects to our customers. We will formulate the best results that will surpass even your given requirements. Let us bring your ideas to life


We work to build quality sites with top notch designs using new sophisticated web technologies. Our sustainable solutions combined with the latest piece of technologies will create designs tailored to your specifications.

iOS/ Android

KiranaTama will help trick out the device of your choice! We are equipped with in-depth understanding of each device adjusting to the always evolving developments and accommodate to each device's exclusive features. We will provide step-by-step expert guidance and help you concept your application.

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We're KIRANATAMA, Your startup's reliable partner

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